animal communication

Have you ever looked at your cat or horse and wondered what on earth they were thinking? Have you ever noticed your dog looking at you with great intensity and wishing that just for a moment you spoke dog? We’ve all these moments, especially when our furry friend is sick, afraid or exhibiting some kind of undesirable behaviour.

This is where animal communication can be so valuable.

How does it work?

By sitting quietly I enter into a place of silence and peace, I then connect telepathically to the soul, the energy or essence of your pet and ask for permission to engage with them. All communications are done with the greatest respect for the animal, their soul choice and with their blessing. Nothing is forced and if they don’t want to communicate just then, I will try again at another time.

In this space of pure unconditional love and acceptance a number of questions can be asked to address the problems or concerns the owner is having. The answers come in the form of pictures, feelings, smells and tastes. Whatever is communicated to me I will send to you unedited, so you can get a true understanding of what is going on with your best friend in order to find solutions. This can increase trust and bonding between an owner and their precious animal friend.

If you wish to have a communication done please complete the online contact form below.

I will need the following:

  • Your pet’s name, species, breed and age
  • A list of any medical problems your pet may be experiencing
  • A clear photograph of your pet showing their eyes
  • A list of the problems you are currently experiencing. The more detailed the better as it helps me to get to the core of the problem quickly.
  • A list of questions you may have
  • Any messages you wish to be conveyed to your pet

I will get back to you with my rates and an estimate on how long the communication will take. To be practical, communications are only done once payment has been made.

Once the communication is complete, I will send you a detailed and unedited email of the session. If I cannot communicate with your pet for whatever reason, you will be refunded or referred to another communicator. Follow up sessions are usually unnecessary, but should you need one please contact me for information on that process.

I do not do tracking of lost animals, as I don’t have the time for such sensitive and intricate work.

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